This turning back of the clock may seem irrational and even reactionary, but it has its own logic. If writing must always bear some relationship to beauty (and becketts has a great, mineral beauty), if you can only limit the play of connotation but not eliminate it, why bother to try? Theres more bad faith in an artificial rigour than in the richness of click language through which desolation filters here. Language takes the edge off. Thats obviously true of a fin de siecle-sounding sentence such as:by day, the banished sun circles the earth like a grieving mother with a lamp. but its also true of:they plodded on, thin and filthy as street addicts. street addicts at least have the possibility of begging from those better off. There are none now better off. Its even true of:he looked like something out a death camp, since the whole earth is now a death camp, one with no guards, only inmates. In this extremity, there are more words than things, as the world shrinks down arounda raw core of parsible entities. This new world even fits the pattern of american pastoral- a wilderness and no women- though nature can provide no more than the occasional mushroom or some desiccated apples hidden in the dead grass of a dead orchard. Part of the achievement of the road is its poetic description of landscapes from which the possibility of poetry would seem to have been stripped, along with their ability to support life.

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Welcome to Jaypee Wish Town

Life is splashed with natural colorful with huge open and green area developed at Jaypee Greens projects. Not only in Noida, Jaypee Greens has developed a landmark project in Greater Noida nearby Pari Chowk and in parallel to Yamuna Expressway a city spread over 5000 acres of land approx where Jaypee Greens Sports City is developing by the Jaypee Group. The location of all projects is very prime and at very desirable places in home buyers and investors. Jaypee Wish Town is an integrated township on Noida expressway having Indias largest golf course (18+9 hole) functional now.

Jaypee Greens Greater Noida also is an iconic development by the group, the main development such as - Golf Course, individual villa, resorts style clubs and ultra luxurious apartments. Jaypee Greens construction of projects is inviting us to experience happiness in its own unique way. As every people who are living here in Noida or doing job/business here, having the desire of living here in Jaypee Greens. It has well reputation in home buyers and investors. Jaypee Greens is a canvas of life with different and unique types of projects in different range. Affordable price and luxurious projects such as Jaypee Greens Kosmos, Klassic, Krescent Homes and ultra premium projects such as Kingswood Villa, Boomerang residences, Kasablanca with the exclusive club houses.

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