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Jaypee Greencrest Homes :: Plots At Sports City

Build your own home the way you want to in the lap of nature. At Jaypee Greens Greencrest Homes which is located in jaypee sports city, a community of residential plots close to the 15.7 km long Boulevard of life. This 80-200m wide tree-lined thoroughfare has multi-lane roads, dedicated lanes for pedestrians, bicycles and mass transit systems. Sports City Plots features are numerous parks, lakes and cultural attractions. Greencrest Homes Plots are very near to Boulevard of life and from Buddh International Circuit.

After the grand successes of Krown and Country Homes - I and II, the Jaypee Group has launched new residential plots in Jaypee Sport City at Yamuna Expressway namely Jaypee Greencrest Homes. These plots are situated approximately 45 kms south east of Delhi and 15 kms south of Noida. Jaypee Sports City plots are best option for investors as well as residents also, because at this location International University like Gautam Budh Technical University, Noida International University and Galgotia University are already fully functional. There are many options for plots in Jaypee sports city plots, like Yamuna Vihar Plots and Krown. The proposed metro would be very near to the Jaypee Sports City plots and metro link will run parallel to the Yamuna Expressway. The main railway between Delhi and Agra runs along the west boundary.

Location Advantages of Jaypee Greencrest Homes

  • 0 Point (Greater Noida) - The time taken is 15 min (approx.)
  • Noida / Greater Noida Expressway - The time taken is 25 min (approx.)
  • South Delhi - The time taken is 35 - 42 min (approx)
  • Very near to proposed Metro link.
  • 45 Kms from south east of Delhi.
  • 15 Kms from south and east of Yamuna River.

Jaypee Greencrest Homes Plot's Sizes Plans

S. No. Area (In Sq Yds approx) Approx. Area (Sq.mts.)
1 209 175
2 251 210
3 299 250
4 323 270

Possession time of the Jaypee Sports City Plots (Greencrest Homes Plots) would be 18 months.

Before Inaugural Discount Inaugural Discount After Inaugural Discount
BSP@ Rs. 29400 per Sq.Yd.
Bsp@ Rs. 32340 per Sq. Yd.

(Either Corner or Green Facing/abutting)
BSP@ Rs. 35280 per Sq. Yd.
(For both Corner and Green Facing/abutting)
Rs. 1000 per Sq. Yds.
Limited period offer
BSP@ Rs. 28400 per Sq.Yd.
Bsp@ Rs. 31340 per Sq. Yd.

(Either Corner or Green Facing/abutting)
BSP@ Rs. 34280 per Sq. Yd.
(For both Corner and Green Facing/abutting)

Other Applicable Charges

S. No. Payment Head Charges / Rate
1 Internal Development Charges (IDC) Rs. 900 per Sq. Yd.
2 External Development Charges (EDC) Rs. 900 per Sq. Yd.
3 Electric Sub Station Charges (ESSC) Rs. 500 per Sq. Yd.
4 Social Club Membership Rs. 1.50 Lac
5 One Time Lease Rent Charges Rs. 600 per Sq. Yd.
6 Interest Free Maintenance Deposit (IFMD) Rs. 600 per Sq. Yd.
7 Maintenance Advance (For First Year) Rs. 600 per Sq. Yd. Per Month


  • Maintenance charges / deposits shall be payable by the allottee in addition to consideration as follows :
  • The one time interest free maintenance deposit @ Rs. 600.00 per sq.yd. shall be payable upon the offer of possession of the premises to the allottee.
    Maintenance charges for the first year shall be payable in advance upon the offer of possession @ Rs. 20 per sq yd per month.
  • Areas are indicative only.
  • All plans and layouts are subject to change.
  • Increased / decreased area shall be charged proportionately as per the allotment terms.
  • The other terms and conditions shall be as per the application form, standard terms and conditions and the provisional allotment letter of the company.
  • The Prices are subject to revision / withdrawal at any time without notice at the sole discretion of the company.
  • The actual maintenance charges shall be based on the actual cost incurred by the concerned maintenance agency.

Jaypee Greencrest Homes

At Jaypee Greencrest Homes in Sports City 3 years of time would be given to the allottees for construction of a residential building on the allottted plot. There would be an external facade control. For these new plots at Jaypee Sports City the indicative / suggested floor plans would be provided. The common areas services shall be maintained by a designated maintenance agency on payment of maintenance charges.

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